This strain is a hybrid but I don’t know what it is originally, reminds me of Kali-mist I used to get back in the days, they say white walker kush on the website I’ll have to look into this to know what lineage this is exactly. It’s got some old school flavors and looks like when the first exotics came out in the early 2000s, people were losing their mind over these nugs.

Spicy & sweet tones, def more spicy than sweet but it has a little cherry wood taste, flavorful in mouth on exhale, skunky aftertaste and definitely well flushed, of the 3 BC products I’ve tried so far it’s the best burning one.

Packing 20.7% THC this will get you lifted waaay up. Not a day smoke, the trichlomes are more on the amber side here so get ready to feel sleepy after the buzz passes. This strain would actually be great for someone who doesn’t smoke much and is in dieing need of a good night of sleep. It will put your lights OUT!