Why should Marijuana be legal?

Cannabis has always been surrounded with controversies when it comes to legalization for medicinal or recreational use. Even though marijuana is beneficial for different ailments that we now face today, the plant’s psychoactive plant component is still bringing a lot of stigma with some people believing that legalizing could increase the abuse of the substance. The arguments of whether to legalize or not has divided most people, with some believing in the good side of legalization and others believing that it could do more harm. Here are some reasons why marijuana should be legal?

Marijuana is safe

According to a study conducted by UK researchers, marijuana was discovered to have lesser side effects in contrast to opioids. The researchers found that cannabis posed lesser health risks than alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol is responsible for numerous deaths yet its legal, but cannabis causes no deaths yet its illegal. According to most cannabis enthusiasts, keeping cannabis illegal and legalizing more harmful drugs creates doubt about substance abuse.

Cannabis possesses low health risks and doesn’t cause deaths when to compared to alcohol consumption. Furthermore, its much safer for the public health when compared to tobacco.

It is Not a Gateway Drug

Most non-cannabis consumers believe that if a person starts using cannabis for the first time, he/she is bound to start using harder substances. Most cannabis consumers become satisfied with marijuana and avoid using other substances. Various studies state that using marijuana before other drugs is due to correlation. People who try alcohol before using something potent always end up looking for harder drugs.

There are recorded deaths from marijuana overdose

Most non cannabis consumers believe that consuming overdose of marijuana can lead to death. This is a common myth in many people’s head that makes many shy away from the drug. According to recent studies, individuals would have to smoke about 20,000 tons of THC before dying from an overdose. At the moment, no single death has been recorded from cannabis overdose.

Generates more revenue for the economy

According to a study in 2017, it was forecasted that federal legalization of marijuana that year would bring about $131.8 billion in tax revenue for seven years. This revenue can build different infrastructures, curb the unemployment rate, and boost the economy.

Job creation

The legalization of marijuana can also help create millions of jobs. If cannabis is legal, there will be more dispensaries, increasing the demand for professional cannabis jobs such as budtenders, dispensary managers, processors, growers, distributors and more. It will also increase jobs in the supply sector, such as cannabis delivery personal and more.

Marijuana is not addictive

Most people believe in the myth that consuming cannabis for the first time will make you attracted to the substance. This is false and most cannabis users stop after using the substance for some time. A recent study disapproves cannabis addiction by stating that cannabis dependence occurs in just 9-10 percent of adults. On the other hand, harder drugs like cocaine and heroin are more addictive, with 20 and 25 percent of users becoming addicted.