Cannabis has been around for ages helping generations for numerous conditions. The use of medical marijuana can be traced back to ancient Chinese empires. The war on drugs in the 20th century stalled research into the potential application of cannabis and its extracts. 

Gladly, the 21st century is seeing a paradigm shift to the whole cannabis story. Today, we can enjoy the many benefits of smoking a good joint.  

This article answers one popular question- can marijuana help with anxiety? Did you know that over 40 million Americans aged 18 or older experience anxiety every year? Well, this is why you need to visit the Ottawa Dispensary for your anxiety marijuana dose. 

Cannabis for depression and anxiety 

Let us first get on board with the nitty-gritty of cannabis.  

Cannabis is one of the plants in the cannabaceae family with two major species- Sativa and Indica. You might have heard about marijuana and hemp. These are classifications based on the amount of THC in the plant.  

You see, cannabis plant effects and benefits stem from the interaction of cannabinoids and receptors in our bodies. Marijuana has higher levels of cannabinoids, including THC, which is usually more than 0.3%. Unlike hemp, where THC occurs in ineffective amounts, marijuana offers a more substantial entourage effect.  

The entourage effect describes the synergy in all cannabis compounds to deliver long-lasting and potent benefits.  


Research on cannabis for anxiety

The easing of cannabis prohibition has given researchers an excellent opportunity to look at what cannabis has to offer. What does the research say regarding marijuana and depression? 

In 2019, the Washington State University published a report from a study on the benefits of cannabis for depression and anxiety patients. The study involved the participants inhaling cannabis from the comfort of their homes in place of taking pills in a laboratory. 

Results from the study were published in the Journal of Affective Disorders. The scientists concluded that cannabis could help self-reported cases of depression, anxiety, and stress in the short term. A combination of low THC and high CBD strains proved to work best for depression from the research. Combining High CBD and low THC worked best for stress. 

Cannabidiol found in marijuana has been linked with numerous mental health benefits, among them stress relief and calming anxiety. Several studies have related CBD to calming Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD). From the reviews, cannabidiol can help alleviate anxiety symptoms such as nightmares and insomnia. A separate study also confirmed CBD’s anxiolytic and antidepressant properties beneficial for stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Getting the best of marijuana for anxiety 

Self-medicating high THC marijuana can be attributed to anxiety if abused. To get the best out of your cannabis flowers, start with microdosing as you build your THC tolerance up. For starters, going for average THC strains is the wisest idea. 

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