How Can Marijuana Help with Anxiety?

Anxiety is a common condition that can affect 1 in 5 individuals from time to time, but it can become crushing and detrimental when it becomes a disorder. Even though anxiety is a common disorder, about one-third of its sufferers fail to receive treatment. Furthermore, those who successfully receive treatment are often prescribed with traditional medications, which tend to be ineffective. Can cannabis be a suitable cure for anxiety, and could it potentially be a perfect alternative for pharmaceutical pills?

Cannabis as a treatment for Anxiety 

Doctors usually prescribe traditional anxiety medications to most anxiety sufferers. The wrong side to these medications is that it usually leads to numerous side effects. This has made most sufferers to look for natural alternatives such as cannabis. Some patients have acknowledged using medical marijuana to relief some side effects of anxiety.

Individuals who use cannabis have also stated that it reduces panic attacks and treats generalized anxiety disorder. Cannabis significantly helps individuals with social anxiety, making them to go outside and become social. Cannabis can also help reduce secondary anxiety, which results from a severe ailment like chronic pain or cancer.

Cannabis and Anxiety: How Does It Work?

Research on cannabis an anxiety is still ongoing as researchers try to discover exactly how the cannabis plant reacts with the human body. According to some anecdotal studies, some researchers discovered that cannabis can help alleviate several ailments and symptoms by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

These compounds interact with small cannabinoid receptors spread throughout the brain and body. In different circumstances (like when you’re suffering from pain), the body generates chemicals to interact with cannabinoid receptors. This process helps in reducing pain and regulating movement disorders. According to some scientific studies, the cannabinoids produced by marijuana can substitute for these chemicals.

The studies on cannabis and anxiety don’t explain how THC uses this process to increase or reduce anxiety; however, its certain that CBD works to provide relief for individuals with anxiety disorder. CBD is also tipped to decrease high blood circulation levels that feed areas of the brain in charge of producing fear and anxiety. Also, the chemicals may indirectly influence the behavior of the brain’s serotonin which play a role in anxiety.

Cannabis for Anxiety: final statement

There is still a need for more studies on the long-term side effects of using medical cannabis to treat anxiety. Still, at least for now we can embrace cannabis for its ability to reduce symptoms caused by prescription anxiety medications.

When it comes to relief from anxiety side effects, cannabis isn’t a one-size-fits-all cure. If you suffer from anxiety disorder, its recommended to consult with their physicians to analyze different cannabis strains, dosages, and ingestion methods to discover what best works for you. Since each human body works differently, what works for others may not work for you.

As research into cannabis for anxiety becomes deep and well regulated, many individuals will benefit from medical cannabis as a cure for anxiety.